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You will never know your full potential unless you are pushed to find is the proof!

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Personal Coaching Client

At HRVH, the focus is on educating our members around training and nutrition, which builds the foundation for transformative and sustainable results. Hear what HRVH member Sonia has to say about her transformative experience after joining the HUSTLE!

"I have been training with Loz at HRVH for a few years now. Loz is everything you could want in a PT and coach - fit & enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional & reliable. She makes exercising fun and gets results by targeting the areas that need the most work. Loz tailored my program to suit my changing needs - through injury, fitness & nutritional requirements.


At 46, I am feeling great and the fittest I have ever been. Highly recommend Loz if you want the long-term results like I have!" ~


Rehabilitation Client

"John has over many years had a range of therapies but most dealt with the stiffness that comes with Parkinson’s Disease. As his balance worsened I felt supervised exercise that encouraged strength and balance would perhaps help as he was falling often. We were aware of Loz’s work from a friend and approached her to work with an off island physiotherapist to develop a program to provide strength and balance. Over the 18months we have worked with her she has been a blessing and has become the highlight of our week. She is always cheerful and encouraging but maintains the momentum to get the exercise program done.

John has improved his upper body and core body strength considerably and now can mostly rebalance himself but if not can manage his falls when his feet betray him to merely sit down without damaging his head. As mentioned his sessions twice a week are the social highlight of most weeks and while there is a lot of fun, exercises are done and progress is made. He is still walking with assistance but we believe he would have been in a wheelchair by now without his and Loz’s work.


We would recommend Loz for her professional approach to exercise and nutrition combined with a loving and supportive personality. She is very aware of limitations and will amend the program to try a different approach where needed to obtain the desired outcome." ~

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Personal Coaching & Post-Pregnancy Client

"I have been a passionate fitness advocate for over 20 years. I found fitness when i was an overweight, stressed out teenager. It helped me balance my life. I have worked as a personal trainer and fitness class instructor in gyms, but my main passion is lifting weights and running. 

I have trained with Loz for the past 4 years. She has aided in my recovery from three cesarean sections and a debilitating hip injury. I now almost have full mobility in my hip from twice weekly rehab and strength sessions. 

I find pregnancy and recovery quite hard on my body as I am not one to just "snap back" into shape. I find it takes me about 12 months to fully recover and focus on weight loss and strength gains. Twice now, Loz has helped me lose the extra baby weight and help my body recover after birth trauma. I can now jump and not have to cross my fingers I don't wee!

I highly recommend the Post Pregnancy Program and Nutrition Program - invest in yourself!"


Rehabilitation Client

"As a Rehabilitation Trainer, I am super proud of Deb's commitment, consistency and hard work! In August 22, I broke my ankle. Had operation with pins put in and told not to put any weight on my leg. This went on for weeks...going through this period with no physio or any help whatsoever.


My foot, ankle and leg was getting worse with no mobility so I started seeing Loz in November. When I started with Loz, she noted that I was already behind by not having any rehab training. This should have been started straight away! With a lot of patience from Loz, she slowly started the process of getting my mind and body to move my ankle and walk again. 


Going to rehab twice a week combined with daily stretching exercises - I am back to work full time and my confidence has grown thanks to Loz! I still have a little way to go, but I know we can do this. A big thank you to Loz for all your professional work, caring, and most of all helping me believe in myself."

Deb - Ankle Comparison.png
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Personal Coaching Client

Fun & flexible programs is  the need, and Loz delivers above and beyond. With the weight loss and improved fitness comes the boost in self esteem.


Loz builds rapport and focuses on individual needs and requirements. She understands when one isn’t feeling so good and modifies the program accordingly. Loz has a winning smile and personality and is with you the whole way.


Online Coaching Client

I am so impressed with a WIN for Amy that isn't scale or weight related!


"Before training with Loz I was terrified of walking into a gym and working out. I now walk into the gym with confidence knowing that I approach training, exercise and food in a completely different mindset. I have adapted a healthier lifestyle change.

Working with Loz has not only taught me to appreciate the skin I'm in, but also opened my eyes to what my body and mind can achieve! She is honestly the most amazing person and I am so grateful to have her as my PT and Coach."

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Shaun - Side Comparison.png


Online Coaching Client

"Before starting with Loz at HRVH, I believed that chicken, rice and veggies were the only meals I could and should eat to achieve my goals and that any eating was binging.


I used to use an "all or nothing" dieting approach, and believed carbs were the enemy and chocolate, pizza and burgers were off limits - if I wanted to lose the weight.

Since starting with HRVH I now follow a flexible dieting approach, where I track my intake and this has helped repair my relationship with food. I now have the freedom to enjoy the foods I actually love.

I have learnt SO much from Loz with her guidance over the past 12 months -  Food is not the enemy! You can still lose weight on a higher calorie diet. Food is energy. I need energy! I can still enjoy social events without hating myself the next day, I have adopted Loz's insistence on planning and preparation - this is key to consistency.

Form is a lot more important than that ‘PB’ you lift and most importantly scale weight doesn’t mean shit! Measurements and photos show so much more."


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